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SkyFrequency, a Mississippi-based communications provider headquartered in Madison, Mississippi, provides wireless connectivity through wireless broadband solutions primarily to Multi-Family Communities.


SkyFrequency’s founders and executive management, CEO/President Wade Spooner and Executive Vice President/CMO Ted Parsons, have a proven track record of successfully growing communications businesses over the last 20 years; building two (2) companies from the ground-up and ultimately merging them into publicly-traded companies.


Spooner and Parsons were pioneers in the competitive long-distance deregulation in the communications industry during the 1990’s, providing long distance telecommunications services to consumer retail and commercial customers throughout 33 states with its primary focus in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. This Company grew to become the 3rd largest Mississippi facilities-based Interexchange long distance service carrier in 1998 and was successfully acquired by a regional publicly-traded communications company in November 1998.


In 2001, Spooner and Parsons founded a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Jackson, Mississippi that provided voice, video and data services to consumer, retail, commercial and wholesale customers throughout Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The Company grew to become a facilities-based CLEC and in 2005 merged into the U.S. subsidiary of a public international telecommunications company. Spooner and Parsons operated and expanded the Company’s service area to include the southeast and southwestern U.S. through internal growth and through many acquisitions of other communications companies.


In 2010, Spooner and Parsons once again started another communications company – SkyFrequency. The Company’s mission is to continue to grow and expand Broadband services throughout the southeast and southwestern U.S., deploying wireless meshed networks that provide low cost, high-value, high-speed and secure Internet access to Multi-Family Communities. The Company continues to add local, regional and national Multi-family businesses by outfitting apartment communities with WiFi Internet networks. Broadband service continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the “digital” age. SkyFrequency offers unique and robust Wi-Fi services by providing Multi-Family Communities with the most advanced communication technology available, keeping residents and guests wirelessly connected. WiFi Internet access is quickly becoming as indispensable to residents as heat and hot water.


SkyFrequency’s intelligent WiFi networks enable property managers and owners to increase competitiveness and capture additional revenue by offering the most advanced and most requested amenity from apartment living residents.



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