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Free Telecom Assessment Reveals Savings

The Better Business Bureau Serving Mississippi (BBB) reached out to SkyFrequency Networks for a FREE telecom assessment of their business communications, including phone and internet services, during which they turned over their phone and Internet service bills for evaluation.

After examining the charges and features, SkyFrequency was able to lower the phone and Internet service charges for BBB Mississippi with an overall reduction in those costs by 25 percent. The savings supported a phone system upgrade.

Hosted Service Elevates Efficiency

SkyFrequency transformed a BBB Mississippi budget challenge into a competitive advantage by freeing up the money needed to upgrade to VoIP and hosted PBX telephone services.

As a result, the cost of maintaining legacy hardware was eliminated and capital expense costs were mitigated.

‘“I’m now paying significantly less than I used to and I have the ability to grow”

John O’Hara, President and CEO, BBB Mississippi


SkyFrequency Networks
129 Executive Drive . Suite A . Madison . Mississippi . 39110
Fax: 601-714-1890
Phone: 601-707-7228